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Cool and Trendy Hairstyles
Cool hair styles for girls including emo hairdo and cutting celebrity. Emo hairdo is becoming popular every day. Most girls like to experiment with a variety of new design and hair accessories. The hair fashion world developed. Many new trends to design hair arising from day to day. When you should not get carried away with this, it is always advisable to understand your face shape before taking any kind of hairstyle. You can easily consult your hair stylist to get the right style, accessories and colors to your hair.

Top 3 Trendy Celebrity Hairstyles for women

* The Half-Shaved Haircut: this is one of the most fashionable hairstyles and celebrities such as Rihanna and Helly Berry that support this with flamboyant style. You can shape this hairdo in various forms. “Shark Fin” that is touted to be the most popular half-shaved hairdo. You can also save a ponytail and pigtail with this hairdo to look edgy and hip.

* Emo Haircuts: as I have mentioned above, this style became very popular. This hair style is basically inspired by music emo. Fashion emo hairstyles showcase dates back to the era of the Goths. This is arty haircut for girls makes sense.

* Bob Haircut: Unlike half-shaved and emo hairdo, bobs really conventional. They exude sophistication. This is said to be funny however conservative the right hair style for any occasion. This Hairdo accentuate your features with grace.
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Easy Prom Hairstyles
One of the things that you will want for Your prom night is a fantastic hair style that will get you all the attention you deserve. You don’t need to do anything drastic like dying your hair to match your dress as long as you choose a style that is completely different from the style that you wear almost every day. If you’re one of the girls who usually pulling in a bun or ponytail looks sloppy, to prom you should wear your hair long, smooth, flowing style.

If you always go around with your hair down, here’s your chance to try hairdos who fancy upswept really will go on. Instructions for four glamorous hair styles are listed below. Even if you don’t choose to completely copy one of them, they might give you some ideas for your own original style.

Long, Shiny Hair and Looped Ponytail

It only takes about half an hour to make a glamorous hairdos uses this style. Start by pulling all your hair into a high ponytail. If your hair tends to Frizz or waves, use the iron on it before putting it up. If you still have hair that just do not want to lay out the way you want them, spray a little gel on your hair and then gently comb out Your errant key to smooth them. Once you have reached your desired smoothness, divide Your ponytail into three sections as you would for a braided. Take each section individually and roll it down, securing the tip with clamp or clip is going in a different direction. You can add a creative touch you like, because there is nothing that says this hairstyle should look a certain way. Add flowers, hair clips, or even a tiara to add extra elegance.

Go Sleek and simple with a French Twist

Your mother would really approve of this classic hairstyle, because it’s just as popular on that day as it is now. You can leave a slender twist and simple, or you can add some curls to give the style a unique flare. Unless you have a super smooth hair to begin with, You will want to use the gel to get all your hair to lie flat. If you have a widows peak you rather hide, part your hair on one side. If not, you can attract all straight back.

Ranging from Your nape, starts playing your hair until it plays all tightly. Twist, pull and fasten with a clip. Taming the wild hair with spritzing on a little hairspray. Once completed, insert the end of circular motion or rolled them with a curling iron. Add a Ribbon in front of the circular motion can provide the look special.

Short and curly hair Soft

If your hair is very short and straight, you can spice it up by adding some soft curls. Turn on your hot rollers. Use the waiting time to do make-up. This will save you from some stress later in life when things are busy. Roll your hair on rollers heated and allow them to cool. Take the roller and brush out the curls. If you would like to see flat on top, control the hair with long clamp or clip. You don’t want your hair ends look too perfect. Tease the tip and back, and allow it to look kinda sexy and disheveled. Once done, remove the clips from the alluring front and adding flowers or rhinestone clip randomly placed.

Long, curly hair and tangled Curls

If you’re like most people with naturally curly hair, you may hate it all your life, but now it’s time for you to shine. A long, curly style is what you want to look sexy and graceful on the night of the prom. Start by washing your hair and apply a deep conditioner that is made to enhance your natural curly. If you have time, let your hair dry by air while scrunching a bit curved to encourage it. If you must use a blow dryer, make sure you use a diffuser with it.

After your hair is completely dry, use a curling iron to curl the strands are small. This will give them a more stylish look. Then take your fingers and break the curls into loose curls that will create the effect of crumpled. Tie all of your hair back with a tape that corresponds with your dress. You can leave a few strands loose for various types of display. If you don’t feel your hairstyle is pretty full, add the curly hairpiece bottom curls tied up. Finishes styles with flowers or rhinestone clip which will add a touch of extra glamour.
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New Hairstyles in 2014
Whether clothing or hairstyle, every usher the new year in a new fashion trend. What’s popular today be obsolete tomorrow. By 2014, only a few months away, it’s time to catch a glimpse of their edgy hair styles and cuts that will dominate the fashion scene in the coming years.

So, what will be the “next big thing” in the 2014 women’s hair styles? Easy chic, bob will make it to the top or chic, simple ponytail would win hands down? You can find out below.

2014: Long hair styles medium length hair

1. Braids:

Braid hair style will do going forward to 2014. We’re not the only one saying this, leading hairdressers share our opinions too.
The specialty of Braid is their versatility. You can wear it in many styles-braids, cornrows, Crown herringbone fish braid tail, or school girls loose messy side braids, braids, braid, knot waterfall over a sweeping side braids, braids etc.

2. The Ponytail:

For-girl next door look, make a ponytail, humble Your elegant hairstyle 2014 pick. Pony tail suit almost all face shapes and hold well on all hair types. They are low-maintenance styles and is perfect for those days when there is no time to spend in front of a mirror. There are various ways to transform the plain, boring ponytail into a chic and style that will turn heads wherever you go. Gather your hair in a high ponytail, sleek to look sporty or professional. You can soften this look with bangs or side swept the puffs. Side ponytail lend feel very feminine and romantic. A horse’s tail, not too high too low with Cleopatra bangs look good too. Pigtails in a nape is the best match for casual clothing.

3. Loose waves:

Long loose waves are here to stay. This 90 ‘s inspired hair style never seems to go out of fashion. It includes Big Bouncy curls to loose waves that gave the impression “I just got out of bed”. If you have naturally curly hair, play up the curls in your hair. If you have straight hair and slim, making the look with curlers or a curling iron.

2014 hairstyles: short hair styles

The third hair style mentioned above applies to long or medium length hair. You don’t need to worry if you have short hair, because there is an impressive selection for you too. In fact, even the woman with her long hair can refresh their looks by going short in the upcoming season. Cutting shorter has several advantages. Short hair is easy to maintain. Short style make one look younger. Not only that, they comply with the straight hair and curly.

When it will be short, there is one precaution you must take — you should choose haircuts to suit your face shape and does not highlight the shortcomings of the face. The longer bob or blunt pieces is the safest. The longer bob just graze the Chin; is 1-2 inches below the Chin. It can cut straight or slanted; parted on the side or Center. A very short bob looks best for round face. Bobs and Bangs gelled well. Try different types of bangs-fringe, Cleopatra bangs, side swept bangs or asymmetrical bangs.
Layered Trend Hairstyles
Layered hair style is one of the most popular hair style and elegance in fashion at the moment. It is considered to be a simple addition to a broad spectrum of hairstyle but has yet to deliver a rich, engaging, and look pretty. Of this type have been living for centuries the style give volume, mental, movement, gestures, and expressions of the hair.

To have the appeal of layered haircuts need only cut hair into different layers depending on the length of the hair. However, this is one of the styles to suit all types of long hair and a variety of other styles as well. The top layer is usually the long Chin and the long after that ever-increasing layer depending on the latest fashion trends, personal choice, and the length of the haircut. There are some who even go to layer on the bottom and only a few people who prefer to have the topmost layer below the earlobe. Most people with long hair prefer to have the first layer under the ear lobe and some who want to have short layers long hair cut would rather have the first layer under the eyes.

What makes this kind of a richer style and amazing is its ability to blend beautifully with the styles and fashion trends. Add a color or highlight hair layered cuts make it look more beautiful. Depending on the individual preferences of color and highlights can be assigned to the desired layer leaving the rest with its natural appeal. This magical combination is just amazing.

Regardless of the color and highlights, there are other styles like bob, choppy cut, bangs, Marge, sedu hair styles and even who can easily combine the layers without sacrificing the charms of the original cuts and simultaneously offers the sophistication of a layered haircut.

A layered hairstyle really change the look of the individual by adding style, elegance, and wealth with the personality of a person. In addition, it is also one of the best solutions or answers that are perfect for a variety of health problems, especially split ends, thinning hair, and hair loss. The style certainly won’t solve the problem of thin hair but will give volume and bounce to your hair thin. In other way if someone has a very thick hair that is difficult to manage so the layers will help to provide a stylish and sleek look with hair.
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Try Short Curly Hair Styles Ideas
If you’re looking for some short curly hair style ideas that you can try today, you have come to the right place as this article will give you what you are looking for. For some people, has short curly hair is a problem because they think that it’s difficult to style and maintain.

However, this can be solved by choosing the right style for your curls. You don’t have to force myself to have an ultra hair straight when your natural curly locks. Don’t think Your curly hair as a curse but as a blessing that makes you look cute, fun, and unique.

Curly-haired people usually have a difficult time managing and Taming wild locks them. Some resort to wearing a hat or a bandana while others do something more drastic, such as naturally curly hair straighten them. This should not happen. You just have to keep your locks with washing and shampooing them regularly.

If you want to know some great short curly hair styles, check out the paragraphs below.

-If you have an oval or elongated face, the best thing you can do with your hair is to emphasize the fullness and body. You can try a uniform layer on the top, side, and back of your hair to hair style full bodied. Even if the hair before the wind, not mater because naturally messy hair style. It’s perfect if you have curls tight and small.

-You can also try a formal ’ with short curly hair. You can copy a Marilyn Monroe hairstyle, one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. His hair is short and curly but look sexy and slim because of the style. You can apply hair gel or mousse in your hair to be able to manage it properly. This is perfect for girls who have big curly or wavy hair. You can wear this hairstyle if you go to a formal event such as a ball or a corporate function.

-You can also try bob cuts if you have loose curls. Bob is usually associated with straight hair. But you can also do this if you have curly hair. You can add the lining for the shape and volume and makes it even more funky and stylish.

-If you have thick hair, you can also do the layering throughout. This will create a Layering the hair framing your face, leaving the body and volume at the top of your head. This hairstyle is fashionable and fun, perfect for young girls who often attend both casual and formal occasions.

-For women with big waves, you can have your locks trimmed with funky style and sleek. The edges of your hair at the back and sides are cut into thin strips and style Your bangs swept to one side. This view might be suitable for teens or young adults. This edgy and looks very cool and trendy.

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